SAVE 50%+! KEEP HANDS CLEAN. Pro quality latex gloves offer ideal protection for painting,cleaning,pet care,hair coloring & more. One-size-fits-most and fit left or right hands. ORDER TODAY!
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Latex Gloves Product Details

Professional Painter's Natural Latex Gloves

SAVE 50% ON PAINT TOOLS! Professional quality latex gloves are made from natural latex rubber and offer ideal protection for painting, first aid, health care, and baby care! Protective latex gloves are also useful for cleaning, painting, hobbies, pet care, hair coloring, and so much more. In addition, packages are peggable for easy resale display. Latex Gloves are one-size-fits-most and fit left or right hands.

• Size     : Fits most - 10 pair per pack
• Material: Natural Latex for perfect fit
• Protects Skin




  • Pro quality Painters Latex Gloves. SAVE 50% ON PAINT TOOLS!:

Pro quality Painters Latex Gloves BIG PAINT TOOL SAVINGS

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