SAVE 50%+ ON PAINT SUPPLIES !PROTECTION against harmful dust! Lightweight contour-fit filter dust mask for painters & contractors, with the great elastic secure fit. ORDER TODAY!
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Filter Dust Mask Product Details

Professional Painter's Filter Dust Mask

SAVE 50% ON PAINT TOOLS ! BIG protection against harmful dust particles at a small price! Lightweight contour-fit filter dust mask is a must for lawn maintenance, wood working, and other dusty projects, plus it allows for clear vision and is disposable. Construction contractors, painters & wood craftsmen will appreciate the elastic secure fit as well as the great price. Excellent resale item for hardware stores, paint supply centers, convenience stores & more.

• Size     : Fits all - 10 per pack

• Elastic Shure Fit Filter Dust Mask
• Protect your Health




  • Pro Painters Dust Mask-10 per pack. SAVE 50% ON PAINT TOOLS!:

Pro Painters Dust Mask 10 pack BIG PAINT TOOL SAVINGS

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5 or more: $2.93 each
10 or more: $2.63 each
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