SAVE TIME ! Use Painters Masking Tape for Walls & Windows.Applies quickly and easily!Removes cleanly with no residue.Does not cause surface damage.Easy to use.Delivers sharp paint lines.
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               Masking Tape Technical Details

  • Delivers sharp paint lines
  • Removes cleanly with no residue
  • Does not cause surface damage
  • Applies quickly and easily
  • Easy to use - comes off the roll easily
  • 1 Rool , 1"x 50 yds.

Masking Tape Product Description

From the Manufacturer

SAVE OVER 50% ON PAINTING TOOLS ! This masking tape is another consumer favorite because it delivers sharp paint lines and removes cleanly without surface damage. Strong, professional grade painter’s masking tape provides less edge bleed and works great for exterior and interior use. Painter’s Masking tape is pressure-sensitive adhesive allows it to remove clean when you’re done!

Masking Tape Product Description
This masking tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage for up to 7 days, even in direct sunlight. It is a medium adhesion masking tape that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal.



  • Painter's Masking Tape 1"x50yds. SAVE OVER 50% ON PAINTING TOOLS:

Painter's Masking Tape 1 inchx50yds CHEAP PAINT TOOLS

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