SAVE $ with this 11 pcs Painters Set!Has tray&liner,frame,2 oz coat roller covers,1"varnish brush,edger.trim&touch up roller&trim&touch up tray,3" frame,3"roller cover&can opener.
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                                 Paint Tool Technical Details

  • Includes deep well tray, tray liner, frame, paint roller
  • Includes 2 semi-smooth once coat roller covers, 1-Inch varnish brush, edger
  • Includes trim and touch up roller paint tool,trim  paint tool,touch up tray paint tool
  • Paint Roller paint tool with removale cover
  • Paint Roller paint tool fused to core
  • Paint roller paint tool leaves uniform paint finish
  • Knit fabric Paint Roller paint tool
  • Teflon cover Paint Roller paint tool for smoother coverage
  • Premium Paint Roller
  • Includes 3-Inch frame, 3-Inch roller cover and can opener
  • Wholesale painting supplies:

Paint Project Set 11 pcs BIG TOOL SAVING

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