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Q: Do you ever offer any discounts?

A: Yes .

Q: Do I have to tape any door hinge hardware?
A: No,taping is not necessary. The Magnetic Door Hinge Cover will conceal the hinge

Q: Do I have to remove the door?
A: No, the cover is applied with door on the hinges. This eliminates damaged walls,
doors, windows, injuries and lost hardware.

Q: How long does it take to cover all door hinge hardware?
A: The process takes less than a minute. You just place one cover over the door hinge
and the other over the pin/barrel.  Door is then ready to paint and Hinge Cover can be removed and used again once paint is dry.

Q: Can anyone apply the Magnetic Door Hinge Cover?
A: Yes, the easy process allows painters of all levels to use the Hinge Cover.

Q: Can the door be opened and closed with the Magnetic Door Hinge cover applied during
A: Yes, the door can be opened with Hinge Cover attached.

Q: Can I spray paint doors and frames?
A: Yes, the cover provides a tight seal for paint applications of all sorts.

Q: Is any cleanup required using the Magnetic Door Hinge Cover?
A: No, oncepaint is dry the cover can be removed and re-used again and again.

Q: Can I re-use the Magnetic Door Hinge Cover?
A: Yes, the Hinge Covers can be used many times. Once Paint is dry, remove the cover and use for the next job.

Q: What sizes are available?
A: 3 1/2", 4" & 4 1/2".

Q: Can I purchase the Magnetic Door Hinge Cover at any big box store?
A: No. CBMS, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor.

Q: How much do I save?
A: Over 80 percent. Your current cost per door is about $6.69. Re-use the cover 4 times and the cost per door is $0.97. You save $257.90 on 10 doors. Use the cover 8
times on 10 doors at $.49 will save you $530.30. Use the cover 10 times on 10 doors at $0.39 will save you $666.10 and 20 times on 10 doors at $0.19, you save $1332.20.

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1 - 3 of 3 items

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