FREE SHIPPING Painters ORIGINAL RE-USABLE Masking Magnetic Door Hinge Cover. NO MORE Taping, Re-Taping, Door Removal, Chemicals. Save 80% on labor cost.
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  • Save over 80% on labor cost and materials
  • Paint doors easily, fast, cheap & professionally
  • Cover all door hinges in less than a minute, as easy as 1,2,3
  • NO MORE damaged doors, frames, walls, windows & lost door hardware
  • NO MORE taping, re-taping, re-hanging doors, knife injuries, messy cleanups & chemicals
  • Perfect for painting contractors, painters, builders, do-it-your self groups & home improvement industry
  • Big savings. Your current cost per door is about $6.69. Re-use the cover 4 times and the cost per door is $0.97. You save $257.90 on 10 doors. Use the cover 8 times on 10 doors at $.49 will save you $530.30. Use the cover 10 times on 10 doors at $0.39 will save you $666.10 and 20 times on 10 doors at $0.19, you save $1332.20.
  • Re-Usable many times
  • Free same day shipping
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  • The Original Masking Magnetic Door Hinge Cover:

180 x 3 1/2" Magnetic Door Hinge Cover round corner

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